Free download protocol analyzers

Protocol Analyzers Free Download

100% Free Download ETHEREAL (12.4MB)

  • It is open source and 100% free.
  • It is FREE for commercial purpose also.
  • Most popular Free Sniffer software.
  • For screenshots Click HERE
  • For documentation Click HERE

Trial Version Download SOFT PERFECT (3.22MB)

  • Free Trial version for 30 days only .
  • Price is $99 for a single computer.
  • For screenshots Click HERE
  • For Documentation Click HERE
  • This network sniffer can work in promiscuous mode to capture all network packets.
  • This network sniffer decodes packets and displays them in an easy to read format.
  • This network sniffer can build custom packets and send them into the network.
  • This network sniffer has a flexible system of traffic filtering. Any filter can be inclusive or exclusive.
  • This network sniffer can reconstruct packets into flows so you can easily see a complete data exchange following the Telnet, POP3, SMTP, IMAP, FTP, HTTP and other protocols.
  • This network sniffer supports SMP systems (with two or more CPUs) as well as HT-enabled systems.
  • This network sniffer is able to monitor loopback connections within the computer.

100% Free Download WIRESHARK (17.4MB)

  • It is open source and 100% free.
  • It is FREE for commercial purpose also.
  • Most popular Free Sniffer software.
  • Always download Wireshark instead of Ethereal. Wireshark is just the migrated version of Ethereal.
  • For documentation Click HERE

What is Protocol Analyzer?

  • Protocol analyzer(also called as packet sniffer) captures the data passing through LAN or dialup connections.
  • It analyzes this data and displays in a user-friently format.
  • It is useful for Network Administrators.
  • It is useful for those who wants to understand network concepts such as tcp/ip.
  • It is useful to calculate the traffic passing through the network.


How the hackers are able to use sniffers?

The purpose of a sniffer is to monitor the network traffic. But the hackers may install a sniffer with the help of a worm on compromised computers. (Note: Worm is auto-probagataing. The payload of this worm will be a trojan which will install the sniffer).

Once the sniffer is installed, it can capture the login and banking and credit card information of the other computers on the same LAN network. The sniffer will transmit the filtered data back to the hacker.

How to protect my LAN network from this malicious sniffers?

You can use sniffer detecting softwares.

You can check whether the network cards are configured for "promiscuous mode" .


Normally, the network cards do not bother about the packets which are not addressed to them. But, if the card is set for 'promicuous mode' , then the card will capture not only the traffic addressed to it but also the all the traffic passing on the wire. So Promiscuous mode means Sniffing Mode.

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